Phone-Banking Fun

Okay, “Phone-Banking Fun” is not an accurate title. Phone-banking is not necessarily fun. Sometimes you talk to an enthusiastic potential voter and it makes up for all the voice mail messages you have to leave, but I’m still not going to define it as fun. Sometimes you get a grumpy person that you have to cheerfully urge to go to the polls. Nope, fun is not the word.

My goal tonight was to remind people that Tuesday is election day. I’d tell them where to vote, plus remind them that in Arizona they better bring some ID. You know, some folks were happy to talk to me; some not so happy, but overall, us voters in Arizona haven’t had many phone calls this election season. The last couple of elections it seemed that I would have at least three messages waiting for me urging to vote for someone. This year it’s been awfully quiet. Though I do hear that John McCain has decided to do some robo-calling to remind us that he’s our senator and Obama is dangerous…or something like that.

Ugh. Robocalls. At least when I’m phone-banking at county Democratic Party headquarters I’m a real live person calling. And I’m trying to provide information to help the voters. So there.

Yeah, it’s not fun, but it does feel good doing the calling. I urge everyone to vote if they can and to ask others to vote too. Having a record-breaking turnout on election day voting for Obama and change is my idea of fun.


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