The Day Before the Election

This is a vacation week for me. When else is a better time to take vacation days than election week? I volunteered today and will be doing more volunteering for the Democratic party tomorrow.

Today it was more phone-banking. I even got to talk to a woman who wouldn’t vote for Obama because he was…you know…a Muslim. Sheesh. She also swore that she heard Obama say in a speech over the weekend thatMcCain shouldn’t call Obama a “Child of God.” Huh? I actually had read about that speech. It was Obama declaring that McCain had called Obama everything BUT a “Child of God.” I couldn’t make the woman believe that and as Obama is a Muslim (let me roll my eyes here), I stayed pleasant and did urge her to vote for Ann Kirkpatrick for Congress. I think she might, as she seemed to sense my unhappiness about her opinions on Obama.

The real fun today was that Ann Kirkpatrick showed up to do some phone-banking herself. I even got to ask her about her hair. Okay, what a silly thing to ask, but I loved her curly locks, and as a curly girl myself, I felt that she betrayed the honor of curldom by straightening her hair. She did laugh as I asked her and made a good argument when I asked why she got rid of the curls, “When you’ve been campaigning for two years the last thing you want to worry about is your hair. You just try to give a speech outside on a windy day. It helps to have your hair fall back flat and in place.”  Okay, okay, I’ll cut her some slack.

She did make calls for about an hour or so. We weren’t getting too many live bodies when calling, but she did get a few. I’d probably faint if a candidate actually called me to tell me my polling place. At one point it worked out that the rest of us in the room had finished a round of calling and heard Ann on the phone. I know that I was curious to hear how she did and listened. The rest of us did too. She did great. In fact, after she hung up, we all clapped and cheered for her good job. Ann laughed and blushed.

Tomorrow, election day, should prove interesting. Tons of volunteers, but I don’t know what we’ll be doing. We already were on the third round of calling the people on the phone lists.

All I know is that I’m glad that the election is here. I can’t take much more of this.


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