Happy Zombie

Ah, there’s nothing like trundling off to bed about 2:30 in the morning. Though I know I dozed a bit on the couch last night. Yes, falling asleep while sitting up with my laptop in my lap. Hey, I had to read everything about Obama’s win last night.

So, sometime after midnight I woke up  enough with a whiplash  effect (sleeping sitting up is just not great for the neck), and instead of going to bed I stayed up a few more hours. Now? I am a zombie.

Yeah, I woke up to read more about election night. I wanted to see how the Al Franken/Norm Coleman race came out — it’s heading for a recount. Plus the Oregon and Alaska senate races weren’t called last night. Today it looks like a convicted felon will hold on to the Alaska senate seat and the Oregon ballets are stil being counted. Even better, the Georgia race still had plenty of early ballots to count and the senate race will go to a runoff in December (Georgia requires at least 50% of the vote).

My zombiehood is a happy one. Obama won decisively, and though he didn’t win Arizona, he won lots of other states. Plus, Ann Kirkpatrick won the Arizona CD-1 congressional seat vacated by Rick Renzi. Yay!

It wasn’t a perfect election (Prop 8 passed in California and so did Prop 102 in Arizona — both anti-gay propositions). Arizona’s legislature will ralso emain too Republican. Still, I’m pretty happy.

Now if only I could stop being a zombie, even if I’m a happy one. I have things to do!


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