Taking it Easy

I’m surviving my week off of work. From volunteering to help with the Democratic Party to enjoying lounging the rest of the week, I’ve not only survived my week off, but am enjoying it immensely.

My mom even came up and stayed Thursday night. We had a good time, and surprisingly, my dog Spencer got along with her dog Lady. Even my cat, Lulu, got along with Lady. Her name fits as she is quite ladylike.

So, I haven’t done much else. I’m fighting off a cold, or what feels like one (yeah, my lack of good sleep early in the week may have messed with my immunity). I still plan a trip to Phoenix. Monday night I’m going to the Arizona Cardinals football game. I originally planned to go down to Phoenix on Sunday, but if I’m still feeling run down I’ll just wait to go down on Monday.

I do like taking time off in a chunk like this.


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