Back to Work, and the Cardinals Win

Tomorrow my vacation ends and it’s back to work. I’ll not complain; I’ll just whine.

I got back from my trip to Phoenix. I went to the Arizona Cardinals game, and can I tell you that watching a team barely win is not good for the heart. The Cardinals kept messing up — it was like they wanted to lose. Luckily they held off the 49ers. I still need to watch some video highlights of the game. I had my eyes closed during the last play when the 49ers only had to run one yard into the end zone for them to win the game. Amazingly, the Cardinals defense stuffed the run and we held on to the lead. Whew.

I enjoyed another surprise when I made it home: a porcupine trundling down my dirt road. I had walked Spencer down to the end of the road when I noticed something big and fluffy slowly walking away from me. Thank gods that Spencer didn’t notice it — he was off the leash and it could have meant a quick vet visit if he saw it before I could put the leash on. Anyway, an interesting animal to see in my neck of the woods.

To wrap up my vacation I’m lodged on the couch, watching Animal House. Don’t ask me why I wanted to see this old comedy. I guess I was thinking of Stephen Furst as Flounder. Furst offers a lot of the fun in Babylon 5 as the character Vir and since I’ve been watching that series I keep remembering Animal House.

Okay, back to the movie. And…sigh…back to work.


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