Depressing Finances

My finances aren’t great, but that’s not what is depressing. It’s the place I work. Working at a state university in Arizona isn’t a fast trip to riches. With huge budget woes hitting the state of Arizona, it is certainly hitting the universities.

This afternoon our university president gave a talk on the budget and how we’re trying to survive. It’s not pretty. Lots of cuts could be coming our way. Budgets have been slashed already, but we expect more slashing, but no one knows by how much.

The worst of all is that Gov. Janet Napolitano is leaving to head the Department of Homeland Security. She’ll be great in that role. Unfortunately for the rest of us remaining in Arizona it looks less great. She’s the one that used the veto to stop the Arizona legislature yahoos (we have lots of yahoos here) from drastically cutting our budgets in the past. I hate to see what will happen with the yahoos and a republican governor in charge. It’s gonna get ugly.

Yep, I’m depressed.


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