Strike the Office Christmas Party

No, I don’t mean strike, as in get rid of or protest, the office holiday party, I mean roll a strike. Our office party was held at the local bowling alley.

We bowled from 3:00 to 5:00 (yes, during work hours), brought food for a potluck, and got a special deal with the bowling alley to have unlimited bowling for $5 a piece. Our very nice boss decided to pick up that cost, plus the first drink (we had to buy drinks at the bar).

You know, I must be weird, but I really enjoy this kind of party. There’s activity to do, and yes, I love to bowl even though I suck at it. The kids can have fun. You’re not stuck in the corner talking about the same things you always talk about work. Best of all? I’m aloud to be loud. This is one of my “skills” — I can get very loud, often unintentionally. Yet cheering on a bowler has to be loud over the blaring music. I’m in my element.

And I must say, I love bowling shoes. They offer quite the stylish look.


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