Baubles and Bangles Galore

My Christmas decorating is done! Okay, maybe not done. I’m debating whether to hang Christmas lights around my windows. I don’t hang them outside; they’re inside — I want to enjoy them.

The fake pine with the big plastic red bow  wreath is on the door (my one outside decoration). Garland winds around my upper kitchen shelves. The fake little tree that I’ve owned for over twenty years is on the dining table bedecked with lights and ornaments. I do love a tree that I just can pull out from under the bed, pick the dust bunnies off of it, and fluff the branches a bit each year.

I was thrilled to find the second number cube (think dice) that fits into my Santa knick-knack that counts down the days until Christmas. The last few years I only had one cube, so could only be accurate nine days prior to Christmas, now I have the two cubes and can put up 19 days until Christmas. Finding that second cube, does prove the point that I should go through ALL the decorations to see what I can find. The one cube was in a stocking with some other decorations that I don’t always use. This year I pulled everything out. Happy me!

Last year I had been sick with that respiratory flu that I don’t even know if I decorated at all. Some years are like that. Without kids, who needs to go through all the trouble of decorating? It’s when my inner kid decides that she wants decorations does it happen.

I even have some gifts that I can wrap and put “under” the tree. It’s really more of a put the presents near the two foot tree. My goal is to actually wrap the presents before December 24th. One thing that may motivate me is that my niece and her husband are bringing my two great-nieces out to Flagstaff before Christmas. Those presents will need to be wrapped if they are coming over to my house!

It’s feeling good. At my place it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


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