Yummy Brunch

After decorating my place for Christmas, I decided to go catch some sunlight (all that vitamin D, you know!) and took Spencer for a short hike out on the nearby trail. Spencer loves it, I enjoy it, and it just starts the day so nicely.

I came home, did my work out, and made brunch. Oh my, but it was yummy. I had made a salad for yesterday’s Christmas party potluck and bowling extravaganza. The salad was something that I had made when staying at Mom’s place over Thanksgiving. We loved it so much that I just had to try again. The greens were romaine and arugula (I couldn’t find watercress, which also tastes yummy. Slice up some red onion and add orange slices. The piece de resistance (said with a very nasal French accent) is the pomegranate seeds.

At Mom’s we found at a nearby natural foods store some pomegranate seeds bought in a package. So easy to handle. I wasn’t so lucky at my nearby New Frontiers store. I had to buy pomegranates and get the seeds out. Thank god for the internet. Here’s how I separated the seeds from the fruit. I bought four pomegranates, but only needed two for the recipe. In fact, I had plenty left over, which I bought in a separate container if people wanted to spoon more seeds on their salad. The dressing for the salad was equal amounts of lime juice, olive oil, and honey — though I think I used less honey as I’m fond of the tart taste of lime juice or vinegar, especially with onions and fruits.

Anyway, let’s talk today’s meal. I had some salad left over as I made a bunch for the potluck. So this morning I decided to do an omelet. I added a bit of cinnamon and vanilla to the eggs and then added some cream cheese to the salad ingredients. When the omelet was done I decorated it with some more pomegranate seeds and had some of the orange slices as a side to the omelet. Pure goodness!

Why is it only now that I discover the joy of pomegranate seeds? As a kid I watched the fruit on our pomegranate tree ripen and rot with no interest. Geez, was I missing out. I’m excited that I still have two more pomegranates to play with.


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