Where the Heart Is

I had to come down to the Phoenix area. My mother needed emergency heart surgery. There’s nothing like four blocked arteries to cause all kinds of cardiac craziness.

She wasn’t feeling good on Sunday, finally conceded to my cousin’s orders (it’s good having nurses in the family) to call 911. She did, she went to the hospital, a few hours later after several tests, they scheduled her for open-heart surgery on Monday.

She came through the operation on Monday night with flying colors, but it is incredibly difficult to see my mother recovering from the operation. She’s on morphine, hooked up to various equipment, andj just seems incredibly vulnerable laying there on the hospital bed.

Mom still has the respiratory tube and a balloon pump helping her breath and pump the blood. Tomorrow she may be taken off of both and her life will be much easier. It’s hard not having my joking mom giving the nurses a hard time.

Anyway, posting may be quite light for a few days. I’ve got a mother who needs my attention and time.


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