Saturday Morning Tea

It’s a windy Saturday morning and snow is on its way. Due to the week of stress, lack of a good night’s sleep, and a bit too much sugar, I’ve got another common cold hitting me. This is at the worst time too. I would love to get through the Christmas season without being sick.

I planned to go back down to Phoenix last night, but was feeling awfully tired, so decided to head out this morning. The spicy curry for lunch yesterday and the homemade soup last night with lots of garlic didn’t fight off the cold though, and I’m staying in this weekend. Part of me appreciates that I can now relax and stay at home, but really, I’d rather be down in Phoenix to visit Mom at the hospital.

Mom seems to be recovering well from her surgery. She should be walking the hospital corridors soon. My family wonders what happens next? How and who and where shall she be cared for? It’s incredibly unsettling. I can take off of work, or even work from Mom’s or my sister’s house, but I just need to know when.

Anyway, I’m here at home, sniffling away with the cold, which hasn’t hit too bad yet. In fact, I’ve managed to clean my place and emptied the garbage. Now I’m just sitting back drinking a hot cup of green tea with lemon.  Thus, a Saturday morning tea.


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