Feeling Good

My cold seems to be winding down. I have energy and enthusiasm about life again. My mom is still in the hospital due to an infection, but they have her walking, which is a very good thing.

My niece is about to hit town with her husband and two little girls. Yay! I get to play aunt at two different levels. Aunt to my niece who hopes to enjoy Flagstaff, and great-aunt to my great-nieces (great is the operative word here).

Lisa was hoping there might be some snow on this Christmas vacation and I kept pooh-poohing that hope. It never snows when you want it to. Yeah, right. I have over a foot of snow out there. There’s even more planned for Monday night! She and the kids will get their snow.

Tomorrow we’ll go sledding. I picked up a couple of cheapie plastic sleds. I just hope I can tour guide the sledding locations well enough. I’ve not really taken advantage of snow in that way. Silly really, as I’ve lived in Flagstaff over 15 years now. You think I’d go sledding sometime, wouldn’t you?

So, feeling good overall. You know, as it should be.


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