Family Fun

My niece, Lisa, and her family came over this afternoon for dinner. I roasted a chicken (see recipe here) and veggies, made a salad, and had little Allison help me fix an apple crisp for dessert while the rest of the family watched Wall-E on DVD. Lisa even got some work done — she needed to complete some grading for an online class she is teaching.

After Wall-E we watched the shorts that were on the DVD. “Burn-E” and “Presto” are cute and funny. After that, we put in the Wallace and Grommit shorts, “A Grand Day Out” and “The Wrong Trousers.” The kids had never seen the Wallace and Grommit shorts and found them interesting.

The real fun is watching them all react to the snow. From southern California, they learned that it is necessary to sometimes scrape snow and ice off your car before driving. Ha! Welcome to my world. At least they’re enjoying their Christmas vacation more than they ever expected.


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