Ow. Let me say that again. Ow.

I just had my first PE class in years. I’m attending one of the PES courses here at NAU, and the first night already got me feeling old and out of shape. My thighs are letting me know that I don’t work

It’s a Crossfit Bootcamp class. I’ve been loving the idea of Crossfit ever since stumbling upon it. The idea of functional fitness sounds so appealing. I’ve seen how my mom worries about sitting in a chair seat that is too low or not wanting to get on the floor because she can’t get back up. I don’t want to end up with those same worries.

Well, I may want to end up functionally fit, but that means I have to do the working out part of it all. Tonight, as our introduction to Crossfit, we did squats over and over and some push-ups. I’ve worked on both of those as part of my regular workouts, but tonight the instructor had us doing more of them than I normally do. He even had us do Burpees. Okay, I can’t seem to get the whole jumping into position for the push-up, but I can work on it.

Anyway, I’m going to feel it tomorrow. Ah, the joy of muscle building.


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