Cardinals Messing With My Brain – I Want More

All I’m thinking about is the NFC Championship game today. In an unbelievable turn of circumstances the Arizona Cardinals are going to play in the game. I still find it crazy that my hapless Cards are in this game. I don’t even want to jinx anything by thinking what happens if they actually win the game. Holy moly, this is too much for my brain to handle.

Some of you out there may not understand how this feels. The Cards have never gone this far in the playoffs before. While other franchises have been here before time and time again, I was just thrilled that the Cards won their weak division and did not expect much more than that. Then they beat the Atlanta Falcons, then the Carolina Panthers. Whoa, baby! It feels so good watching your team win.

As one of the few folks in this country who does not get cable, satellite, or broadcast television, I’m heading over to a co-worker’s house for the game. Actually, he’s my boss. I desperately needed to see the game and I think I kind of invited myself over. He did invite me, but that was after hearing me say I needed to find someone who would invite me to watch the game. Okay, I’ll bring snacks galore to make up for it.

May the universe look kindly on the Cards and let them continue their surprising run. I’d love to see what happens to my brain if they win.


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