Pushing Myself

My body must be adapting to my workouts. I only felt like jelly for about 20 minutes instead of all night. Of course, tonight’s class had me gasping for breath. I have to admit that even as I’m cursing the activities in the crossfit bootcamp class that I’m proud that I can plow my way through them.

Tonight we did a mini-Fran. Fran is the name of a Crossfit workout. It’s sets of Thrusters  and pull-ups. We don’t have the equipment in the bootcamp class, so it’s thrusters with dumbells and pushups. Imagine little old me (old being the operative word) forcing myself through these expercises. We had to do three sets — the first one of 21 thrusters then 21 pushups. Next was 15 of each. We wrap it up with nine each. That makes 45 of each. Me, doing 45 squats and pushups! We’d already done at least 10 squats to work on our form, plus at least five pushups, so I did quite the muscle workout.

The thing is that you have to do these at a hard pace. Thus, I was gulping for breath by the third round. You would think I would hate this, but it really does feel empowering to get through it. Let’s just see if I’m sore tomorrow. The more I do this, the less achy muscles I struggle with the next day.

Hey, I can’t help but be excited. I’m pushing my body in new directions and I’m enjoying it.


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