Wednesday Night

I’m spending my Wednesday night in front of the TV watching Eagle Eye. It’s rather silly, isn’t it?

Earlier I had my crossfit bootcamp class. I had to do 40 Burpees (movie). I found them incredibly difficult to do. There’s something about any jumping move with my feet that my body objects to. Anyway, I think I did close to 40 of the Burpees, but I kept losing my count.

I also tried something new today: a 24-hour fast. Let’s just say that I didn’t like it. It lasted from 4:00pm yesterday to 4:00 today. I’ve read about intermittent fasting and thought I’d give it a try. Ha! It’s embarrassing to have your stomach grumble during the staff meeting.

So, back to the big finale of Eagle Eye. Let’s hope it offers more excitement than my P.E. class.


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