Super Bowl Anticipation

It’s hard to believe that I’m finally watching a Super Bowl with the Arizona Cardinals playing in it. It’s such a different feeling than any past Super Bowl I watched. This time my home team is playing!

It’s a very strange experience. I’ve cheered on other teams and felt happy or sad depending on the outcome, but I never had the butterflies in my stomach and increasing anxiety about the game. I go back and forth from worrying that the Cards will lose in an epic fail to a joyous thought that they can win this thing and the game will be one great Cardinals victory. Oh, please let that last one be the case.

It’s funny to see how many folks are wearing Cardinals shirts. On Friday I headed to the mall to pick up a short-sleeved t-shirt to wear Saturday. I wasn’t the only one buying shirts. I drove by city hall and there are two signs announcing that Flagstaff is a “Proud Home of the Arizona Cardinals Summer Camp.” Those signs usually display only when the Cardinals are here.

Driving down to Phoenix yesterday, cars and trucks had flags, banners, and soaped signs on windows that declare their owners support of the Cards. It’s so different than other years.

I’m watching the game with family. They all went off to church wearing some form of Cardinal red in their church outfits. I wonder how many other places are seeing a certain color dominance today?

Anyway, I’ve got my Larry Fitgerald jersey on and am looking forward to the game. I’m praying to the Football Gods that things turn out good. Oh please, oh please, oh please!


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