Survival Mode with a Smile

I survived the Super Bowl. Watching the Cards take a lead and then lose it in the final minute just hurt. From the joy and excitement of Larry Fitzgerald’s touchdown to put us up over the Steelers to the sickening despair as the Steelers marched down the field and scored to win the game, it was certainly emotional.

I can survive the pain. Driving back from Phoenix, I listened to one of the sports radio stations, KTAR 620. Their theme seemed to be a fan therapy day — very helpful to all us heartsick Arizonans (we will say nothing of the Steeler fans who have moved here and have yet to switch their allegiance).

Tonight I’m just kicking back after my workout class. We were learning how to run properly. Yep, I ran around the “quad” on campus…twice. Someone tell me how people breathe and run at the same time. I haven’t quite managed to put the two together. I must stop running and gasp desperately for breath.

Anyway, it’s time to sit back and watch a movie. In honor of today’s “holiday” I’m watching Groundhog Day. Heartsick and wiped out from my running experience, this movie is the perfect tonic.


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