Back Home

I stayed down at my Mom’s place for the last few nights. Mom is finally feeling good enough after her heart surgery to be at home. She’d been staying at my sister’s house and she was feeling bored (I imagine my sister was feeling something a bit different than boredom — the guest bed was put away soon after Mom left).

It’s good to have Mom at home. The whole heart attack, heart surgery, and dips and valleys in getting better were not fun for any of us. Now she can take care of herself and hopefully stay better. I made her some chicken soup, cleaned a chunk of her house, and washed most of the laundry. She should be in decent shape.

Anyway, it’s good to be back home. I’m ready for a lazy day tomorrow, a scheduled day off. Okay, so I have a dentist appointment, still, it can be a relaxing day. Please?


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