Breakfast with Old Friends

My old roommate, Wendy, was up in Flagstaff over the weekend. I joined her and her husband, Eric, for breakfast. Can I say that she has the cutest kids? Sammy (soon to be 6) and Molly (3) are adorable.

Sammy had to show me his Bakugan cards and toys. Has anyone heard of these? I gather it is the in thing for kindergarteners nowadays. Though if you ask me, they seem designed for older kids. They certainly aren’t designed for 50-year olds — I was totally lost trying to figure out how the game is played. They were cool, no doubt about it, but my brain still struggles with a game of solitaire. I don’t think I could handle game cards that list powers and abilities, and using the “balls” to get those points.

Wendy and Eric are good people and it was great to see them and the kids. I just don’t see them often enough and there’s no reason not to. I’ll plan on meeting up with them next time I’m down in the valley for a long weekend whether they like it or not. Hey, that’s the fun of being old friends.


One Response to “Breakfast with Old Friends”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Hey there,
    Comin’ back atcha my friend! By the way…Part of Sammy’s bedtime routine is that he likes for us to tell him stories of “when we were little”, well since Monday, he has been asking me for stories of when you and I were roommates. Problem is there are some that need to be edited for a small person 😉 …and we would love to visit with you more often!
    P.S. I have pretty much given up on trying to figure out Bakugan.

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