Why We Get Fat and Big Fat Lies

Tom Naughton put together a documentary that I do want to see: Fat Head. He looks at our fear of fat in our diets. As one of the many people who read Gary Taubes’ Good Calories; Bad Calories, I’ve become one of those low-carb eaters. I really cut back on eating refined carbohydrates and sugar. I didn’t give them up, but did cut back dramatically. I do eat fat — give me butter, please! What a difference this has all made in my life.

My energy is high, I’ve felt stronger, and my mood is so much more balanced. Yeah, yeah, but have I lost weight? No one wants to hear how healthy and strong I feel — they want to know about losing weight. That seems to be the scorecard on eating patterns. So, yes, I have lost weight. I started last June eating this way and I’ve dropped about 55 pounds. It seems so strange to have dropped all of that. And though I think everyone’s fascination with losing weight is missing the point, I do love the ability to shop for clothes in Misses sizes. Women’s (plus) sizes never seemed as attractive to me.

My goal is to get to about 22% body fat, which means I need to lose another 30 or so pounds. I really want to get muscles too. It seems to be easier when I eat like this. My body composition just feels different. I have a more defined waist, wider shoulders, and muscles at this weight than I did when I weighed the same amount several years ago.

I just have to thank Gary Taubes for his book. I love blogs that cover paleo and low-carb eating. I’ve learned more about body chemistry and what’s going on inside of me. I’ll start pointing to some of them as they discuss topics about food and exercise. You can start exploring the links on my blogroll. Look under Food and Fitness.

Here’s a few fun video clips from Fat Head. It was reading about how blood sugar affects insulin, and the damage that can result, that got me re-thinking what I eat. Fat Head explains things with humor and intelligence.

Go butter!


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