Wimpy Working Out

Whew. I made it through tonight’s workout. My fear that I was going to be weak as all get up after missing any other workouts since last Monday did not come to pass. I had a bit of a bug for a chunk of last week, but it didn’t mess me up too bad for tonight’s class.

After warming up with some squats and other stretches the instructor had us doing this strange version of pushups. We had our hands on some plastic plates that we slid back and forth under our body. That was topped with these situps that had us twisting side to side holding a weight. I made it through a grand total of 150 each.

The funny thing is that the pushup variation seemed easy. Working on my core was great, but I think I didn’t try hard enough — I should have done more of the pushups without resting on my knees. I think I could have done it, but I wimped out. Next time I’ll go full throttle and not go the wimpy route.


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