Cathing Up – Bird Bones, Bruises, and Brisket

I’m a lazy blogger, aren’t I? I can’t help it. I’ve had four days off and didn’t have much to write about. Sure, I could write about the little bird skeleton I found behind a large chest of drawers I moved. Very freaky. Obviously, Lulu-kitty cornered the bird, fatally injured it, and the bird took its last refuge behind the chest. Lulu seemed nonchalant even with me glaring at her after finding the bird.

I do have to admit, the skeleton was rather cool. Little tiny ribs and the teardrop-shaped skull. You don’t normally see bird skeletons out in the wild. Still, I didn’t like finding it in my house.

I’ve managed to get rid of an old computer desk and chair, plus two old PCs. Goodwill didn’t want the monitor, so it’s still in the back of my truck. And can I say, that it doesn’t matter if I’ve been building muscle in my body, it is still mighty difficult to lift a desk up into the truck all by myself. I did it, but the cuss words were mighty and the bruises are many.

Tonight I’m relaxing, watching Rio Bravo with the commentary on (it’s John Carpenter and Richard Schickel discussing the finer points of Howard Hawks’ films). I just finished cooking my very first beef brisket and am mighty impressed. I have to say that Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything has really added to my cooking skills.

Okay, so I’m all caught up. Thrills a minute, huh?


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