Non-Productivity – Paris Runway Style

I promised myself that I would do nothing productive tonight. A planned “rest” night for me, that’s what I wanted. Thus, what could be the most unproductive thing to do? Why read up on the Paris fashion shows!

Now, if I was a fashionista that you all followed, waiting for my verdict on the various designers’ shows, it would be a semi-productive kind of evening. But, oh yes, there’s a big but involved…but, I’m no fashionista. I’m a middle-aged, casual living, jeans wearing, comfort kind of gal. I can dress up once in a while, but I can’t do high fashion. I think you need a bone structure for that. I’m more of a “bones under there somewhere” type of person.

So, I’m perusing Fabulon and he shows many pics of the new Alexander McQueen collection:


The fashion critics are raving about it. Um…yeah. I’m not so excited about the look.

Seeing these images makes me curious about the other designers. This of course has me surfing away. I just got to say that the fall fashions have me hoping that summer lasts a good long while. Still, there are a few things I like, but needless to say, it’s all academic. After all, I may like an outfit here or there, but my body isn’t about to wear any of them.

There’s a certain 1980s feel to the clothes. And yes, shoulder pads are said to be making a comeback. This is one look that I don’t really mind. Sure, you can get carried away with football padding types of shoulder pads, but for those of us with narrow shoulders and wider hips the pads help balance your look.

If you want to check out some of the fashions planned for us later this year (lots of gray, black, gray-and-black with some pissy yellow or putrid pink touches) you can view slideshows at the New York Times fashion site. You can slide the thumbnails for each show across the bottom of the screen and enlarge only the ones that look remotely interesting. Galliano is going for a Russian snow-maiden look, Chanel really likes the Mod look, and Dior (also designed by Galliano) throws in some pretty colors among all the black and gray clothes.

Well, I think that’s enough on this subject from this non-productive non-fashionista.

Galliano's snow-maiden look for Fall 2009. Hey, I ain't gonna wear it.

Galliano's snow-maiden look for Fall 2009. Hey, I ain't gonna wear it -- my hips are already wide enough, thank you.

Update: Hey, you know what some designers seem to be harkening back to? It’s not just the 1980s, but some really seem to like the lines of the 1930s. There’s a very Great Depression feel to some of the styles. It seems the economy is inspiring even the fashion designers.


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