Lifting Pipe

My second private Crossfit session happened today. Katie taught me the shoulder press, the push press, the push jerk, and the split jerk. I’d like to say that I learned all of this with a real barbell and weights, but no, it was just a PVC pipe. But hey, I’m only learning. It’s all about good form. I must admit that my shoulders are feeling it, weights or not. So long, sloping and narrow shoulders!

We also worked on pull-ups. We found a band size (the biggest) that allows me to get my chin over the bar. I also practiced push-ups — I still can’t get the whole body to the ground and back up so am stuck doing push-ups with the knees on the ground.

My favorite practiced activity? The rings. I was able to get myself on the rings with Katie’s help. She had to hold the rings in place while I muscled up. It felt great when I managed to push up on my arms.

Tomorrow we’ll work on the deadlift and some other exercises. I love learning these moves so far and can’t wait to learn more. I may not feel the same way when I’m doing a Crossfit Workout of the Day (WOD) and have to do 100 of them or do heavy weights — I may decide that I hate every stinking one of them. But for now? I’ll keep lifting pipe.


2 Responses to “Lifting Pipe”

  1. dilettanteville Says:

    Matt — Thank you! I am sticking with it, and loving it. I wish my body recovered more quickly and that it was easier for me, but it just needs time and practice.

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