Cooking Up Something

It’s still Sunday morning…at least for another few minutes or so. I’ve made one of my favorite lazy weekend morning meals: braised red cabbage in butter and coconut oil with chopped apple and lots of cinnamon, plus one fried egg that usually ends up with a broken yolk (I don’t seem to have the ability to crack an egg without either breaking the yolk or breaking eggshells into what I’m making).

I’m planning on a beef brisquet for dinner tonight. It’s a long, slow-cooking kind of meal. I made a brisquet before and absolutely loved it. I’m hoping this one will turn out just as good. I think the tomato paste is what makes it taste so good. Tomato-y goodness mixed with a chunk of meat just hits the spot for me.

The brisquet I bought for this weekend is antibiotic free, but I can’t wait until the next delivery of meat from the A Bar H Farm, which is all grass-fed and natural. I bought about 90 dollars worth of beef, lamb, and chicken in February. There’s still some beef neck bones, ribs, and dog bones in my freezer. Their next delivery is in May. In February I had ordered the beef brisquet from the farm as part of my goal to try various meats in different recipes.I envy my sister and her large freezer. Just think of the meat I could store, plus A Bar H delivers to Phoenix on a more regular schedule.

As an ex-vegetarian, I don’t know a lot about cooking meat, but I’m certainly learning. Buying Mark Bittman’s How To Cook Everything was a good idea. From that book I’ve learned to make a mean set of hot wings, soups, duck, and more.

Tomorrow I’m roasting up the whole chicken I picked up from A Bar H. That means I’ll be making more chicken stock and some soup later in the week. I do love having homemade stock on hand — it just feels so old-fashioned to me.

Anyone cooking up something delicious today?


2 Responses to “Cooking Up Something”

  1. dawn Says:

    What, what, what? When did you start eating meat??? Holy cow! I mean…heh.

  2. dilettanteville Says:

    Dawn, I started eating meat last summer. It all started from trying to cut refined carbs and sugar. The only protein sources I was eating was fish, tofu, eggs, and dairy products. I just couldn’t get the variety I wanted, plus too much dairy causes allergies for me.

    It was weird going back to meat. I try to get grass-fed beef, lamb, and chicken, but I must admit that when I eat out I’ll buy something to eat that may not have been treated well.

    I do feel great eating this way. No depression, lots of energy, and I’m dropping extra pounds. I started to eat this way for my health and it’s paying off. The weight is an unexpected benefit.

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