Sizing Me Up…Er…Down

I really need to time my life better. Here I am, cutting my hours at work in order to save our department’s budget, while at the same time losing weight and dropping clothes sizes. Buying new clothes to fit my smaller body isn’t easy when you have less cash each paycheck.

A couple of months ago, in the search for smaller size jeans, I headed to Goodwill and had no luck with jeans. Oh, that didn’t stop me, not at all. I bought three pairs of pants, a denim skirt, and four sweater tops. All for the huge price of $30. The good thing about Goodwill or Savers or any other secondhand shop is that those low prices help justify buying something that you’ll know will end up as too big in a few months. I figure if I can wear something at least ten times and it only costs $4, then I’m paying 40 cents a wearing. Hey, it’s worth it!

I hate buying clothes at full price, especially if I may not be able to wear the item in the future. No winter coat purchase for me, even with all the winter clothes now on sale – what if it ends up two sizes too big by next year?

Yes, I hate the thought of buying these items, but the siren call of new clothes hypnotizes me into splurging. Two weeks ago, the weather was warming up, but my clothing selection was limited for this warmer weather. Last spring and summer I was wearing size 20 and 22. Now I’m in the size 14 to 16 area. I basically have nothing but oversized t-shirts that I can wear this summer. A trip to Target had me picking up some black capris in a size 14 (I think they may be a bit loose), some polo shirts (size Large and an X-Large), and a pair of jeans.

Okay, I admit it, the jeans were not a necessity. Only one of my pair of jeans has become baggy, but they’re still wearable. The real reason I bought the jeans at Target was their size. Yes, I can now say I’m wearing size 12. Sure, sure, I know it is vanity sizing. I still have size 16 pants that fit perfectly, so I don’t think I’m really a size 12. I’m just a sucker for those smaller sizes.

The greatest fun about shopping, money or not, is that whether I’m size 12 or size 16, I’m shopping in the Misses department. I no longer head to the Women’s/Plus sizes. After spending the last ten years in Women’s department, the selection in Misses seems incredibly ginormous!

I stopped in at Kohl’s department store on Friday and spent two hours trying things on. I contained myself and didn’t go crazy. Though everything seemed on sale, I just picked up a man’s t-shirt for working out, some socks (also for working out), and then one top on sale for $11. I love that top – it is form fitting, and yes, I’m willing to buy items that cling a bit. No more sticking with loose tops. I’ve been wearing them like that way before I ever gained weight. Could I be deluding myself? In the future, will I look at any pictures of myself at this current weight and groan, wondering why I ever thought I was thin enough to get away with clingier tops?

I don’t know, I swear my body is so different at this weight (about 165-170, depending on scale used) now then it was at the same weight when I was gaining. Whether it’s giving up the refined carbs and sugars or being more active, or maybe a bit of both, but somehow my belly size decreased more than what my weight would expect. I have a much more defined waistline, plus my shoulders are a bit broader. As someone who always considered herself pear shaped, I’m now looking at myself as more of an hourglass shape. Very strange, but I like it. It does mean trying clothes on. My old expectations of what will look good don’t match the reality anymore.

I can’t imagine what my shopping excursions would be like if I had tons of money. Pay cuts certainly keep me from going overboard. I’ll just have to hit Savers and Goodwill to get through this summer. And you know what? That’s perfectly okay.


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