I went out of town for the weekend and haven’t posted anything since late last week. What to say? There’s more reviews I could post, but my allergies are taking a toll on me and I’m feeling wiped out. Yeah, copying and pasting one of my reviews into WordPress is soooooo hard. Sheesh. Just allow me my flimsy excuses.

So, here’s a few interesting things I’ve found fun and/or interesting:

  • Pay Now, Live Later has a nice video about eating habits that I’m trying to achieve:

    His take on exercise can also be found here.

  • You can catch some nice videos of the Crossfit Great Basin Regional Qualifiers held here in Flagstaff.
  • I had a mini physical over a week ago. I loved my new cholesterol results. I’ve been working hard to get my HDL (the “good” cholesterol) up. Having it at 60 and above is optimal. Last physical it was at 46. Now my HDL is up at 71.
  • Poor Chuck Wicks got sent home on Dancing with the Stars. I was sort of rooting for him. Oh well.
  • I’m too excited about the upcoming Star Trek movie. Here’s a scene of a young Kirk (Chris Pine) trying to pick up cadet Uhura (Zoe Saldana) in a bar. I’m telling you, they never mentioned that in the original series:

Okay, I guess I did have something to post about.


Fat Head review

Here’s another review. Yes, I’m way behind in posting my reviews — blame it on my laptop needing a new fan. That’s fixed now. So, Fat Head. I enjoyed this documentary. I do have a bias, as I agree with Tom Naughton’s thesis. It’s not the fat that’s the problem in our diet — it’s the refined carbs and sugar.

Here’s my review.

Bottle Shock review

I enjoyed Bottle Shock. It’s certainly a movie for anyone who likes wine. Or anyone who likes Alan Rickman. He gets the best scenes in this film. Here’s my review.

Oh, and the son in this film is played by Chris Pine, who will soon be starring as the young James T. Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek movie.

This Week’s Dancing with the Stars

This is getting too much fun. I’m loving this show.

My favorite dances tonight had to start with the high scorers, Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani doing the Argentine Tango:

I also enjoyed seeing Chuck Wicks get his Samba on with partner Julianne Hough:

And Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas just looked so cute with their cha cha:

All right, I’m going crazy with the videos, but I have to add the final dance. The entire group of dancers went out and did a Group Dance. It was so cute:

The videos are done by DWTSSeason8 on YouTube. I rely on this person to give me my Dancing with the Stars fix every Monday night.

Great Basin Regional Qualifiers in Flagstaff – Wow

The Crossfit Regional Qualifiers occrred in Flagstaff this weekend. I watched some wonderful athletes compete for the chance to go to the national games in Aromas, CA in July. One of the Flagsfaffian women, Lisa Ray, was a top-three qualifier.

As someone who is not athletic, watching the competitors was motivational. They kept going even when any chance of qualifying for the national games was not possible. And those workouts were miserable. They had to do three workouts over the weekend. The main star for our region’s qualifiers was Chris Spealler. He’d placed number 10 n the nationals last year after leading the whole way until the last workout when his smaller size hurt him with the weights in the routine (he weighed 135, the weights were 155).¬† Well, he certainly smoked through this weekend’s workouts. This interview with Chris has links to video of Chris and includes some Flagstaff scenery. Check out the snow on San Francisco Peaks. What a beautiful weekend for the event.

What was fun for me was getting a chance to talk to folks from Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and even Manitoba, Canada. One young couple and their baby were on vacation, visiting the Grand Canyon this week. When the husband checked on Crossfit in Flagstaff he discovered that the qualifiers were happening this weekend and he signed up. There was a category of competitors who were doing the workouts “scaled” and competing only for their own sense of accomplishment and not with the goal to make it to the nationals. That was what Brendan the Canadian (okay, it’s a silly name, but he was from Canada, wasn’t he?) was doing in the competition.

My favorite part of how the heats worked was cheering on everyone. The goal for the competitors was to finish the workout and as a spectator my goal was to cheer on every competitor. Even other competitors would finish the routine, and when they could walk or crawl again, they’d head to where someone was struggling and encourage him or her to get through those last reps.

I recommend anyone who can, go to a nearby qualifier. It’s a marvelous experience, especially if you can play spectator and not competitor. — it’s much less sweaty!

Update: Here’s the final results. This also includes a link to video of the first workout on Saturday. I don’t know how they do it.

Underneath it All

I went shopping tonight. Needing new workout clothes, I spent some money. With warmer weather on its way, I also picked up some shorts and tried on swim suits (no luck there). I also did some bra shopping.

Three years ago I wrote about bra shopping. At that time, I was looking for bras that fit my lush size. Now? I’m less lush, having dropped weight. This means ongoing trips to the department store for new bras and undies. Hey, it’s fun buying different underwear styles. When I was size 22 I didn’t have many options. Now I can go for briefs, hipsters, bikinis, boy shorts, and thongs…nope, scratch that last one. I ain’t ever wearing one of those. Thongs seem like one more form of torture that us women go through to look “good.” I’d rather have panty lines.

I think the next size I go down, I’ll make a point of buying bras beyond the white, beige, or black persuasion. Something leopard print would look fine, even with a leaner chest (no, I’m not going to say boobs).

Let the Games Begin

Tomorrow begins the Crossfit Regional Qualifyng Games here in Flagstaff. The games held here are for the Great Basin region. Competitors will come from¬† New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and parts of Arizona to show their Crossfit stuff. The top qualifiers will go on to compete in the national games in Californa. Now, anyone who thinks I’m going to be one of those competitors better think again. Though there’s some wishful thinking on my part that next year might be doable, it ain’t happening for me this weekend.

I do want to see the games. It’ll be motivational, that’s for sure. I’ve been feeling downhearted about my fitness goals. My knees are complaining. Squats, and any other kind of knee-bending, puts me in pain. I’m pissed at my body and its determination to slow me down. I’ve had knee issues before, but I was thinking that the exercise I’ve been doing would strengthen my knees. No such luck.

So no, I’m not participating in the games this weekend. But I’m going to enjoy cheering on the Flagstaff folks who are competing. Them and their perfect knees.