Gullibility — I Has It

April Fool’s Day. Sheesh. I’m pretty bright, but I’ve been caught out a couple of times today.

The one that really got me was an article in our local paper, The Daily Sun. I was reading it, getting more and more upset, when I realized the joke. The article discussed the city’s money-raising actions,  including an auction of various well-loved public art, including our Louie the Lumberjack statue on the NAU campus. I’m tell you, I’m gullible. I was just surprised that I had not heard about this auction and wondered how it could be happening.

DailyKos got me with a post with the headline “MN-Sen: Coleman Finally Concedes.” Whoo hoo! Oh, wait, let me actually read the post:

RNC Chairman Michael Steele hailed the concession as a victory for the GOP. “This opens up a fresh new Senate seat for us to target in 2014,” Steele said.

Mark Halperin at TIME echoed Steele’s thoughts. “This gracious act by Norm Coleman clearly means that John McCain won the week — I don’t see how you can argue this turn of events any other way….”

Very funny. I’m glad I read the post. How embarrassing to announce to co-workers that Coleman conceded and be very wrong.

I just hope that’s the last of my gullible moments for the day. Getting fooled is not good for my ego.


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