It’s Butter, Baby!

I enjoy eating good fats. Butter and coconut oil are my two favorite cooking fats. In our fat-phobic society it sure seems quite frightening to ingest fat, especially saturated fat. This post from Stephan at Whole Health Source may make us feel better:

In 1994, Drs. Cope and Reeve published a study using hairless mice in which they put groups of mice on two different diets (Cope, R. B. & Reeve, V. E. (1994) Photochem. Photobiol. 59: 24 S). The first diet contained 20% margarine; the second was identical but contained 20% butter. Mice eating margarine developed significantly more skin tumors when they were exposed to UV light or a combination of UV and a topical carcinogen. Researchers have known this for a long time.

Skin cancer is a fear, living in Arizona. Anything my fair skin can use to fight it is all right with me. It’s even better that fighting skin cancer means guilt-free butter.


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