Plans Gone Awry

My plan to meet up with an old friend from Phoenix didn’t end up as planned. She’s at a New Age gathering in Sedona (the home vortex for anything New Age), and I planned to drive down to see her. Our original plan had us getting together on Friday night after her events ended.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had something to say about that. We go snow. Not a lot, but it was enough. Driving in the dark and the snow AND down the switchbacks to Oak Creek Canyon? I don’t think so.

I have a feeling that where Jan is staying in Oak Creek Canyon, she doesn’t get cell phone coverage. I had hoped to see her today, but haven’t heard back from her. Dang technology.

So, I guess I could continue housecleaning. Or maybe I can cook up some chicken stock. Ha. Let’s just assume that I’m going to surf the web and then go to a movie. I’m just hoping those plans don’t go awry.


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