Let the Games Begin

Tomorrow begins the Crossfit Regional Qualifyng Games here in Flagstaff. The games held here are for the Great Basin region. Competitors will come from  New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and parts of Arizona to show their Crossfit stuff. The top qualifiers will go on to compete in the national games in Californa. Now, anyone who thinks I’m going to be one of those competitors better think again. Though there’s some wishful thinking on my part that next year might be doable, it ain’t happening for me this weekend.

I do want to see the games. It’ll be motivational, that’s for sure. I’ve been feeling downhearted about my fitness goals. My knees are complaining. Squats, and any other kind of knee-bending, puts me in pain. I’m pissed at my body and its determination to slow me down. I’ve had knee issues before, but I was thinking that the exercise I’ve been doing would strengthen my knees. No such luck.

So no, I’m not participating in the games this weekend. But I’m going to enjoy cheering on the Flagstaff folks who are competing. Them and their perfect knees.


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