Underneath it All

I went shopping tonight. Needing new workout clothes, I spent some money. With warmer weather on its way, I also picked up some shorts and tried on swim suits (no luck there). I also did some bra shopping.

Three years ago I wrote about bra shopping. At that time, I was looking for bras that fit my lush size. Now? I’m less lush, having dropped weight. This means ongoing trips to the department store for new bras and undies. Hey, it’s fun buying different underwear styles. When I was size 22 I didn’t have many options. Now I can go for briefs, hipsters, bikinis, boy shorts, and thongs…nope, scratch that last one. I ain’t ever wearing one of those. Thongs seem like one more form of torture that us women go through to look “good.” I’d rather have panty lines.

I think the next size I go down, I’ll make a point of buying bras beyond the white, beige, or black persuasion. Something leopard print would look fine, even with a leaner chest (no, I’m not going to say boobs).


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