Great Basin Regional Qualifiers in Flagstaff – Wow

The Crossfit Regional Qualifiers occrred in Flagstaff this weekend. I watched some wonderful athletes compete for the chance to go to the national games in Aromas, CA in July. One of the Flagsfaffian women, Lisa Ray, was a top-three qualifier.

As someone who is not athletic, watching the competitors was motivational. They kept going even when any chance of qualifying for the national games was not possible. And those workouts were miserable. They had to do three workouts over the weekend. The main star for our region’s qualifiers was Chris Spealler. He’d placed number 10 n the nationals last year after leading the whole way until the last workout when his smaller size hurt him with the weights in the routine (he weighed 135, the weights were 155).  Well, he certainly smoked through this weekend’s workouts. This interview with Chris has links to video of Chris and includes some Flagstaff scenery. Check out the snow on San Francisco Peaks. What a beautiful weekend for the event.

What was fun for me was getting a chance to talk to folks from Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and even Manitoba, Canada. One young couple and their baby were on vacation, visiting the Grand Canyon this week. When the husband checked on Crossfit in Flagstaff he discovered that the qualifiers were happening this weekend and he signed up. There was a category of competitors who were doing the workouts “scaled” and competing only for their own sense of accomplishment and not with the goal to make it to the nationals. That was what Brendan the Canadian (okay, it’s a silly name, but he was from Canada, wasn’t he?) was doing in the competition.

My favorite part of how the heats worked was cheering on everyone. The goal for the competitors was to finish the workout and as a spectator my goal was to cheer on every competitor. Even other competitors would finish the routine, and when they could walk or crawl again, they’d head to where someone was struggling and encourage him or her to get through those last reps.

I recommend anyone who can, go to a nearby qualifier. It’s a marvelous experience, especially if you can play spectator and not competitor. — it’s much less sweaty!

Update: Here’s the final results. This also includes a link to video of the first workout on Saturday. I don’t know how they do it.


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