Wheaty Jowls

I’ve written about my diet change. Staying away from refined carbohydrates really has changed my body composition. Though I do eat wheat on the rare occasion, like the going away pizza party yesterday at work, I try to stay away from it. I crave more when I do eat it, so try to make it a rare food in my diet.

Free the Animal has a good post about wheat and how it affects our faces. He has some great shots of actors and how they aged. Their faces look bloated and jowly. And yes, age will have its effect. Yet he also shows how his face has changed. Here’s actor Val Kilmer’s face:

Kilmer's face

Check out the other examples at Free the Animal. I’ll never have a Katherine Hepburn-type angular face. Yet I do have cheekbones and they’re showing up more and more. Giving up wheat and sugar makes a big difference.


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