Star Trek and What Happens Now?

Trek Movie PosterStar Trek lived up to the reviews and is a fun, action-packed movie. A lot of it works for people who never got into the original series, and it works for the casual fan. Shoot, it even works for people like me — who grew up watching the series in multiple repeats.

I never got into the other series in the Star Trek universe. It was always The Original Series (TOS) that my memories drift to when I hear Star Trek mentioned. So, what happens now?

By the end of the movie, so many changes have occurred in my understanding of these famous characters. Nothing can be assumed. I want another movie, but how will it all play out now?

And yes, I loved the movie and am thinking of going back tomorrow for a repeat viewing. It’s fun, exciting, and fascinating (I need to say that word with an eyebrow cocked up and a slight tilt of the head), but it’s weirdly upsetting.


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