Shopping Spree

My goal today was to find some cheap t-shirts for working out. Well, I hit that goal within 20 minutes as Savers, the used “stuff” store. The thing is, I didn’t stop after I found four women’s t-shirts. Nope, I tried on jeans, shorts, skirts, and dresses. Those prices of $5 each is very seductive.

I think I did good. I went denim crazy. I got a denim dress, jeans, shorts, skirt, and capris. Then I picked up a snug-fitting black skirt. I’ll be brave and wear it, once I find a slip for it. So, I picked up 10 items and spent $58.

At these prices I was tempted to pick up more. I talked myself out of the bermuda shorts in a tiny pink and peach stripe. They called to me, but I think that’s because they fit nicely, not because of the colors (though I do have shirts in those colors — maybe I should go back and get them?).

Losing weight makes it much more fun to go shopping. Even if I’m shopping at Savers. Now if I could only find some good summer sandals. For those I’ll pay full price.


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