Living the Good Life

It’s a lazy weekend for me. Nothing specific on a To Do list other than write a review of Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (overdone and klunky, but great special effects).

I’ve lounged around the place today, but made it out for a nice hike with Spencer. Flagstaff has been hit with lots of rain the last few days, so our hike on rain-soaked trails through the woods smelled wonderful, and Spencer loved romping through every mud puddle he encountered.

More clouds gathered, thunder began to crash, and Spence and I headed home. We barely made it back before a torrential downpour started.

Now what to do? Read? Watch a movie? Go out? I’m not sure what to do to finish up a relaxing day.

Tomorrow I have a few things planned. It’s my birthday and I’m treating myself to another viewing of Star Trek (hey, let me revel in my geekitude). I’d like to make it to CrossFit for the morning class. It’s a nice way to celebrate being 51 years old.


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