Chak De!

I just finished watching Chak De! India. A fun movie from India. The title translates to “Go For It! India” and it certainly fits the film’s plot. A ragtag group of female field hockey players must unite and overcome their differences to win the World Cup for India. Yes, there’s a World Cup for field hockey. It’s not a sport I ever paid attention to, but it seems big in India and other countries. Shahrukh Khan stars as the coach who must make a team out of the girls.

Now if anyone expects that a movie from India will not use the tired sports movie cliches, you are so wrong. They’re all there: the team finally banding together, the “darkest before the dawn” scenes, the last minute wins, and cheering crowds. Yet for all the cliches, I enjoyed it.

Most Bollywood films have musical numbers, but Chak De stayed away from them except as background songs during montages. The movie is entertaining fluff and offers some fun scenes.

This scene starts out with a “darkest before the dawn” mood:

Here’s a video of the title song:


Slow Sunday

A nice, quiet Sunday here in Flagstaff. Once again, I didn’t make it to the farmer’s market. I think it’s something to do with not wanting to take a shower any earlier than I have to.

What I did do this morning, was take Spencer for a hike in the woods. Got out by 8:30 and it seemed a bit too warm for so early. Still, we both enjoyed the hike. A nice hour out in the woods does start the day quite nicely.

I came back and did my physical therapy knee exercises, plus lots of stretches. My desire to get my hamstrings stretched out on a daily basis seems to help lessen knee issues. I still feel pain, but I can minimize it, and even make it disappear if I stretch and massage trigger points in the thighs.

I’m feeling yesterday’s CrossFit workout. I’m really working on using my glutes and hamstrings and, by god, that’s where I’m feeling it today.

Michael Jackson

Hard to believe Jackson is dead. He was only 50 — a year younger than me. I remember how I used to play the heck out of the “Off the Wall” album when I was stationed over in England, back in 1979. A great musician; a creepy kind of guy.

That Time of Year

Do I care that Transformers 2 is opening tomorrow? No.

Sometimes the summer movie season is incredibly depressing.

Star Trekkin’ Again – The Gals Can’t Help It

I did it again. I went to see Star Trek. That makes it the seventh (eighth?) time. I can’t help it, I’m obsessed.

As the movie only has two times per day this week at our local cinema, I’m assuming that it won’t be around next weekend. The funny thing is, the theater was packed today. It’s one of the smaller theaters at our 11-screen cineplex, but the movie is still bringing in people here in Flagstaff.

Maybe it’s the Father’s Day crowd and the other showings this weekend were sparsely attended, but overall it’s holding up very well. It’s still one of the top 10 movies this weekend, placing number 7:

1. THE PROPOSAL – 34.11 million – 34.1 million
2. THE HANGOVER – 26.86 million – 152.9 million
3. UP – 21.34 million – 224.1 million
4. YEAR ONE – 20.20 million – 20.2 million
5. THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3 – 11.30 million – 43.3 million
6. NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2 – 7.30 million – 155.9 million
7. STAR TREK – 4.70 million – 239.4 million
8. LAND OF THE LOST – 3.98 million – 43.7 million
9. IMAGINE THAT – 3.10 million – 11.3 million
10. TERMINATOR SALVATION – 3.07 million – 119.5 million

It may eventually earn 250 million dollars in the U.S. by the end of summer. A very good record for a movie. It’s still leading the box office totals for 2009, but Up will eventually win that spot.

I do think that the audience isn’t just young geek-boys, like the Transformers crowd. Star Trek seems to be pulling in lots of female fans. Star Trek seems to fit the strange niche of big special-effect filled chick flick. There’s not many movies like that out there, but Star Trek seems to have found a way to bring us women into the theaters. My sister described the attraction women have for either Kirk or Spock as similar to how men can decide whether it’s Ginger or Mary Ann. I think it’s easier for women to enjoy this film because neither Kirk or Spock are infallible — there’s no superhero who can vanquish the enemies with a quip and an act of violence. It takes Kirk and Spock working together with a team of talented staff to come up with victory. And face it, Kirk doesn’t win many fistfights in the movie.

It’s not just the women I’ve talked to about how much they like the film. The IMDB ratings for the film show a  female preference for the movie. At every age group, women rate it higher than men.

Votes Average
Males 58,934 8.4
Females 10,875 8.9
Aged under 18 2,627 9.0
Males under 18 1,872 8.9
Females under 18 752 9.3
Aged 18-29 46,515 8.5
Males Aged 18-29 39,135 8.4
Females Aged 18-29 7,206 9.0
Aged 30-44 16,371 8.3
Males Aged 30-44 14,176 8.2
Females Aged 30-44 2,025 8.7
Aged 45+ 4,188 8.3
Males Aged 45+ 3,334 8.2
Females Aged 45+ 805 8.6

So, I’m not alone. Star Trek is a hit. My biggest worry about the movie, once it’s gone from the local theater, is how soon it will come out on DVD. I’m not the patient type. Do I have to wait until Christmas?

Hmmmm…maybe I need to grab some of my gal friends and go see the movie…just one more time.

Looking Out the Window…Sighing…

…Is it the weekend yet?

Religulous review

I reviewed Religulous while a co-worker reviewed Angels and Demons, thus the references to the opening of that movie. I’m not religous in any kind of way, so found Religulous enjoyable, but as someone who agrees with Bill Maher I’m probably the audience he was aiming for.

Here’s the review.