The Hangover and Up

I just got back from seeing The Hangover. Oh my god, what an hilarious movie. Jokes coming from all kinds of funny situations. It’s nice to go to a movie and get a script that finds ways to make you laugh.

It’s funny that I enjoyed The Hangover more than Pixar’s latest film, Up. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Up, but it didn’t bowl me over like other Pixar films. It’s still very good, but if you’re an adult wanting something to make you laugh uncontrollably, then The Hangover is the perfect movie.

And please, please, please, if you do go see The Hangover, don’t bring your little four-year old child with you. The Hangover is rated “R” for good reason. I had a couple sit next to me with their little kid. It’s disturbing to think a child that age is going to see adult situations and listen to many a “fuck!” exclaimed throughout the movie. Up is a much better choice for a child that age. The Hangover is meant for children my age.


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