My Poor Body

I love going to CrossFit. I’m working my body in new ways, but it is never easy. Some people are good at running, some good at lifting weights, others are coordinated or fast. Me? I can’t do anything well.

Sometimes it’s disheartening how hard the CrossFit workouts are. Yet I do love the feeling of completing the Workout of the Day (WOD). I love seeing the muscles forming on me. Sure there’s a layer of fat covering those muscles, but I know my shoulders are getting broader, my thighs tighter, and my hips less wide.

Tonight it was overhead squats. Jiminy, but those are hard. Cullen, who was leading the class, had me working more on keeping the bar up and my arms locked. The depth of my squats were pretty pathetic, but that was okay. We were doing five sets of five reps. I had to start with the empty 15k bar (33 lbs) and the last round all the way up to 19k (41 lbs). I finished off with a one rep max of 25k (55 lbs).

Now that wasn’t the whole workout. We warmed up doing sprints. Six 50 meter sprints. My best time was 9.6 seconds. The worst of the folks there, but this I find fun. Kids in the neighborhood hung around as they watched us racing down the street two at a time.

Here’s the workout at the CrossFit Flagstaff site. Needless to say, my picture doesn’t show up — I was a lousy example of how to do overhead squats.

So, I love CrossFit, but I do suck at it. Give me enough time and I may eventually get good at it…if my poor body can handle it.


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