My Happy Body

After my last workout at CrossFit I really felt it. My body had a hard time doing those overhead squats. I took a two-day workout break and woke up this morning wondering whether to go to CrossFit. I debated as I lay in bed: what if the workout of the day (WOD) was another killer workout? I don’t like feeling so inept and weak as I did after Thursday’s session.

So temptation  wanted me to stay in bed. Yet I fought it. I rolled out of bed, splashed water on my face, and dressed for CrossFit. That seems pretty amazing to me that I would even want to do that. Once upon a time I could never build up the energy to get up early, much less go to a workout class.

I am so happy I did. What a fun WOD. We mixed tire flips, hose drags, deadlifts, and more. I loved it.

I came home filled with that happy thrill of getting a job done and putting my all into it. That’s when I love CrossFit the most. Not only do I feel stronger, but I feel more capable.

I’m glad I made it to class today. Happy results today will make it easier for me to roll out of bed or leave after work to make it to another CrossFit session.


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