Lifting Things

Tonight’s workout at CrossFit Flagstaff was fun. We lifted things. Actually, after warming up, we lifted people and then barbells.

Lifting people had two people pairing off and carrying each other down the road. We did fireman carries (slinging someone over the shoulder), piggy-backs, and then dummy drags (picking up a person who is laying on the ground as a dead weight and dragging them by the waist). We were all laughing so much as we tried the different carries. I accidentally grabbed Katie’s breasts when trying the dummy drag, which was not the suggested way of dragging someone.

Then we worked on deadlifts. This is the one lift that I love. I can do these much more easily than pushing weights over my head or squatting down and standing back up while holding a barbell.

I wanted to see how heavy I could get. I’d lifted 60k (132 lbs) last week and knew I could get heavier. Seven tries and I got up to 69k (151.8 lbs). A personal record. Well, most of my lifts at this point in CrossFit are personal records — the joy of being new at this.

I must admit, lots of things I try in CrossFit can suck. I’m weak, uncoordinated, and slow. Yet lifting people and barbells is fun.


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