Chak De!

I just finished watching Chak De! India. A fun movie from India. The title translates to “Go For It! India” and it certainly fits the film’s plot. A ragtag group of female field hockey players must unite and overcome their differences to win the World Cup for India. Yes, there’s a World Cup for field hockey. It’s not a sport I ever paid attention to, but it seems big in India and other countries. Shahrukh Khan stars as the coach who must make a team out of the girls.

Now if anyone expects that a movie from India will not use the tired sports movie cliches, you are so wrong. They’re all there: the team finally banding together, the “darkest before the dawn” scenes, the last minute wins, and cheering crowds. Yet for all the cliches, I enjoyed it.

Most Bollywood films have musical numbers, but Chak De stayed away from them except as background songs during montages. The movie is entertaining fluff and offers some fun scenes.

This scene starts out with a “darkest before the dawn” mood:

Here’s a video of the title song:


2 Responses to “Chak De!”

  1. Quirky Indian Says:

    It is such a tired, clichéd story, but it was very novel for India! And it’s one of the few movies where Shah Rukh Khan has not hammed his way through. What you see in this film is a very, very, very restrained Shah Rukh.


    Quirky Indian

    • dilettanteville Says:

      I liked Shah Rukh’s performance in the film. He does a good job. I think I enjoyed it so much because the team was women. That made me interested even though I know nothing of field hockey.

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