Long Weekend Ahead

I’m happy. I don’t go back to work until next Wednesday. Relaxation, a few projects, go to Arizona Cardinals practices, hanging out with a friend, and meeting up with my brother and his family are on the agenda.

Let the weekend begin!


Dang Dog and Damn Road Construction

The road I live on is going through major road construction. It’s an adventure every morning on what barriers I have to get through to get onto the main road from the dirt road that I park on. It hasn’t been pleasant. Shoot, it has sucked.

My mail does not get picked up or dropped off, as the mail carrier has no way to pull up to drop it off. All those ditches and ropes make for a hard time for a little mail vehicle (jeep? truck? cart?).

Even worse, is the lack of garbage pick up. The last two weeks we were ignored. Those big cans are full, especially as the downstairs renters have moved out. They put lots of garbage in those cans while cleaning up. Some bags didn’t get into the can as it they both were full. I called the garbage department and they’re going to try to get the garbage picked up on my stretch of the road (I imagine I’m not the only person dealing with this situation along Lake Mary road) either tomorrow  — the regular pick up day  — or make a special trip on Friday.

So how does my dog fit into this tale of woe? My kitchen garbage can is packed full. Because Spencer enjoys rooting around in the garbage I keep it under the kitchen sink with a bungee cord holding the doors shut. I have also had to tie up the other side kitchen cabinet doors, as that offers the long way around to the can. Yep, my cat and dog both have opened that and made it to the trash can.

They got into it today. They managed to open the tied up cabinet and sneak into the under-sink area. The bad news, besides the mess and need to clean it all up, is that some cooked chicken bones were in that can. Yikes. I normally empty those out within a day or so, but with no room in the outside cans I’ve waited.

I get to play the “watch Spencer like a hawk” the next few days to make sure the bones don’t mess up his innards. Dang dog.

Crazy Goat or Jerry Lewis?

This goat made me laugh, especially after reading Nia Vardalos’ (@NiaVardalos) tweet about it on Twitter. She wondered if the goat was going for the Jerry Lewis imitation. You be the judge:

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The Ugly Truth – Why?

No, I’m not writing about why a movie like The Ugly Truth gets made. Romantic comedies always get made. Very few get made well. So, my question is ‘Why did I enjoy The Ugly Truth?”

It’s predictable and sometimes ridiculous, but, yeah, I did laugh during the film. I think it’s because of Gerard Butler and his awkward American accent. Then again, I do like Katherine Heigl. Somehow they made me turn off my brain and find the movie better than the bad I was expecting.

Maybe that’s why: The Ugly Truth rose above my very low expectations. I lowered the bar that much.

Digestive Fun

I survived the work week, and though I had to deal with some “digestive issues” and missed work yesterday, I did put in a good week of work. Still, feeling the need to be near the bathroom is never fun.

The digestive issues could be from two things: fruit or raw veggies, most likely salad greens. I’m narrowing down what causes these intermittent issues with my gut problems. My current diet this month is helping me to pinpoint my problems. I’m eating super “clean” this month. Blame it on Melissa Byers and her Byers Gets Diesel site.

Melissa sent out a challenge for her readers to eat extreme “paleo” for 30 days. I’m now on day 23 and would be enjoying this challenge a lot more if I had not committed to giving up nightshades. Not having tomato products, bell peppers, and jalapenos is not easy — I love these foods. I gave them up to see if they may be affecting my knee issues. If not, great, if yes, I’ll give the dang things up.

That’s what this challenge is all about. What happens when you eat certain foods. A lot of people doing this 30-day trial are giving up grains, dairy, sugar, and processed foods. I rarely eat grains and sugar, but I did use cream for my coffee and in desserts. So, that was hard, but those nightshades are even harder.

I’ve dropped some more weight eating super clean, but the occasional “digestive issues” — aw, hell, let’s just call it what it is: diarrhea — had me puzzled. Why and what was causing this? There is something called “fructose malabsorption” that hits about 30% of people. I do wonder if that’s it. After all, I’ve been eating more fruit, especially when it was hot out. All those scrumptious summer berries needed my attention. Then again, it could be salad greens, or other raw veggies. No problems occur when I cook veggies, but salads seem to make things gurgle in the pipes. This could be due to the blueberries I sometimes put in my salads or the lemon or lime juice I use as part of my salad dressing (no vinegar allowed this month). I need to figure this out.

I’ll do some testing over the weekend and can hopefully get a good grasp on what’s causing all this. I’m glad I’m doing this super, no-sneaky cheats, cook-up-a-storm, paleo-style diet. It may help me long-term with how my body handles certain foods.

And yes, I’m done with that topic! I’ll come up with something more pleasant next time.

Lovely Weather We’re Having

I just heard a crack of thunder. There’s rain falling. Best of all, the temperature is comfortably below 80 degrees.

Oh, yes, it’s lovely weather we’re having.

Trying it On

I did the silly thing I do on certain weekend mornings (I’m off this Monday, so it’s my extended weekend), I tried on various clothes in my closet. It’s a habit brought about by losing weight. I need to know what shirts go with what pants/shorts/skirts.

I keep buying new clothes, usually from Savers. Thank gods for Savers. I don’t mind wearing used clothes as long as they fit. It’s fun to buy lots of  clothes, and the cheap prices at Savers allows me this enjoyment.

This morning I finally managed to zip and button up one of my favorite skirts. This Liz Claiborne skirt is one of the few remaining items from when I used to be a size 12 back in the late 1990s. I’ve kept it through all the weight gain, just because I loved the long, gored skirt. It always made me feel good when I wore it. As I’ve lost a lot of weight this last year, I’d try it on about once a month to see how far I could get it up my thighs, then how much I could pull up the zipper, then when I would manage to button it up. Today was that day. Oh, it is still snug, but I’ll be wearing it come fall and winter.

My guess is that I’ll need to buy lots of winter clothes, as I have few items left that really fit. I’m looking forward to it. A few outings to Savers and to the local department stores will get me stocked up nicely.

Yep, I’ll be trying everything on every weekend for the next six months. Though a silly habit, it’s not a bad one at all.