Bruno — Not Too Funny

I’m not sure what to think of the film, Bruno. I laughed, but not often. I think Sacha Baron Cohen’s first film, Borat, was much funnier. The difference is the two characters: Borat and Bruno.

Borat was an innocent, ignorant of lots of things. We could easily laugh at him as he stumbled about the United States. His naive assumptions about people were often hilarious.

Bruno is not so innocent. Sure, he’s ignorant, but he’s more selfish and obsessed with sex. His mingling with others is a little more forced because of his obsession. At certain points in the movie I wanted it to all be over. Raging homophobia can be played for laughs, but it seemed the playing for laughs was just another form of homophobia.

Bruno offers laughs, but it’s not a winner of a film.


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