Muscles – Female Style

My fingers are crossed that the weather is not going to cause me to swelter in a pool of sweat., as cloud cover is cooling things off. May it stay cool tonight. The heat does mess with my motivation. I’ve not wanted to cook while it’s hot. Working out has also been a little inconsistent too. I do love me my CrossFit workouts, but only do them a few days each week and when it’s hot, I forgo any workout that I can do at home.

So, as someone who is going to CrossFit, I loved Mark Sisson’s post today about women and muscles, Primal Strength Training for Women: Not So Different After All. I’m aiming to build some muscle. I like the look of the CrossFit women that he uses as an example. He also shows some examples of muscles gone horrendously wrong. Yikes!

Every morning when I look at myself in the mirror I admire the muscles I’m seeing in my arms. I do that silly muscle-man pose and curl my arms up, tightening the muscles so they stand out. They may not yet be as distinct and cut as I’d like, but they may just get there. I don’t know if I’ll ever get rid of the under arm flab that really highlights my age, but I’ll be fine if it stays. For years I had to have my sleeves come down at least close to my elbows just to hide the flopping flab. Now? I’m willing to wear cap sleeves, especially if my deltoids and biceps display nicely.

My legs are also more muscular, but aren’t as defined as the arms. I can feel hard muscle in my upper thighs, which feels great.

I know that many women want a sleek and willowy look. Some want just a little definition with a thin look. Maybe because I’m older I just want strength, and muscles get me that way. The idea of using barbells and lifting heavier weights to get that strength appeals to me — no more tiny dumbbells!

It’s so hard to believe that a little over a year ago I couldn’t lift a 10-pound dumbbell without struggling. Of course, I only had fat to feel and see in both my arms and legs. Muscles were weak, strength was lacking. That was the past. Now, it’s all about building those muscles, female style.



One Response to “Muscles – Female Style”

  1. Desmond Vetri Says:

    These weights are flipping great! They have helped me get huge. I love them!

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