Trying it On

I did the silly thing I do on certain weekend mornings (I’m off this Monday, so it’s my extended weekend), I tried on various clothes in my closet. It’s a habit brought about by losing weight. I need to know what shirts go with what pants/shorts/skirts.

I keep buying new clothes, usually from Savers. Thank gods for Savers. I don’t mind wearing used clothes as long as they fit. It’s fun to buy lots of  clothes, and the cheap prices at Savers allows me this enjoyment.

This morning I finally managed to zip and button up one of my favorite skirts. This Liz Claiborne skirt is one of the few remaining items from when I used to be a size 12 back in the late 1990s. I’ve kept it through all the weight gain, just because I loved the long, gored skirt. It always made me feel good when I wore it. As I’ve lost a lot of weight this last year, I’d try it on about once a month to see how far I could get it up my thighs, then how much I could pull up the zipper, then when I would manage to button it up. Today was that day. Oh, it is still snug, but I’ll be wearing it come fall and winter.

My guess is that I’ll need to buy lots of winter clothes, as I have few items left that really fit. I’m looking forward to it. A few outings to Savers and to the local department stores will get me stocked up nicely.

Yep, I’ll be trying everything on every weekend for the next six months. Though a silly habit, it’s not a bad one at all.


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