Digestive Fun

I survived the work week, and though I had to deal with some “digestive issues” and missed work yesterday, I did put in a good week of work. Still, feeling the need to be near the bathroom is never fun.

The digestive issues could be from two things: fruit or raw veggies, most likely salad greens. I’m narrowing down what causes these intermittent issues with my gut problems. My current diet this month is helping me to pinpoint my problems. I’m eating super “clean” this month. Blame it on Melissa Byers and her Byers Gets Diesel site.

Melissa sent out a challenge for her readers to eat extreme “paleo” for 30 days. I’m now on day 23 and would be enjoying this challenge a lot more if I had not committed to giving up nightshades. Not having tomato products, bell peppers, and jalapenos is not easy — I love these foods. I gave them up to see if they may be affecting my knee issues. If not, great, if yes, I’ll give the dang things up.

That’s what this challenge is all about. What happens when you eat certain foods. A lot of people doing this 30-day trial are giving up grains, dairy, sugar, and processed foods. I rarely eat grains and sugar, but I did use cream for my coffee and in desserts. So, that was hard, but those nightshades are even harder.

I’ve dropped some more weight eating super clean, but the occasional “digestive issues” — aw, hell, let’s just call it what it is: diarrhea — had me puzzled. Why and what was causing this? There is something called “fructose malabsorption” that hits about 30% of people. I do wonder if that’s it. After all, I’ve been eating more fruit, especially when it was hot out. All those scrumptious summer berries needed my attention. Then again, it could be salad greens, or other raw veggies. No problems occur when I cook veggies, but salads seem to make things gurgle in the pipes. This could be due to the blueberries I sometimes put in my salads or the lemon or lime juice I use as part of my salad dressing (no vinegar allowed this month). I need to figure this out.

I’ll do some testing over the weekend and can hopefully get a good grasp on what’s causing all this. I’m glad I’m doing this super, no-sneaky cheats, cook-up-a-storm, paleo-style diet. It may help me long-term with how my body handles certain foods.

And yes, I’m done with that topic! I’ll come up with something more pleasant next time.


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